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Honda CR-V Engine Is Punchy And Efficient

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Honda CR-V Engine Is Punchy And Efficient

Honda CR-V Engine

The CR-V is a large and tall car and drives neatly with a good mix of comfortable ride. The Honda CR-V engine i-DTEC 2.2 litre offers useful low-down punch. The power steering is all electric now and completely lifeless but it puts the CR-V on the road with confidence. The Honda CR-V has quality interior, lots of kit and quality Honda CR-V diesel engines.

The Honda CR-V badge doesn’t have catch your eyes like a BMW X3 or Audi Q5, but the latest CR-V built in Swindon makes up for that being solidly made and feeling very solidly engineered. If you opt for the powerful 2.2-litre diesel model and slick manual gearbox you will feel that you are driving a vehicle with pace. The entry-level model is available with two-wheel drive for the first time, too, although this can only be had with the 2.0-litre petrol engine for now. However, the big sticking point is that the CR-V is still only offered as a five-seater.