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GM Introduces License a Plate Reader App

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GM Introduces License a Plate Reader App

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License Plate Scanning System

A Creepy App from GM

After a series of recalls, plenty of defective models and disappointing its loyal customers, GM has revealed great news that will make you applaud them. Yes that’s right. A new technology this time, instead of a recall notice, it is an app for license plate reader that will allow you to scan the license plate of the vehicle ahead and contact them directly via your smart phone. Though license plate readers are already a hot technology, when used by the police but it would be more interesting when people will use it on their own, and brains at GM are exactly trying to do the same by transferring the technology into the hands of general public.

Development facility in China has developed an app for smart phones that would allow people to scan the license plates through smart phone.  Though the app is still in the development phase and named as DiDi Plate app. According to the Computer World, it uses the camera of smart phone to scan the license plates, once the plate is scanned, the user is then able to send a text message to the owner of vehicle even without singing in the app.

It can be used in several ways such as texting a cute driver ahead you or you can text the driver who tries to block you by unnecessary slow downs on the road or even you can text the driver who is driving dangerously.

After all these benefits, the app also has some side effects that it promotes text messaging while driving which is a serious driving mistake and not very useful to stop someone from texting while driving. It is a technology that forces you to violate driving norms and text while driving.