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Get Low Rolling Resistance Tyres for your car and save Gas!

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Get Low Rolling Resistance Tyres for your car and save Gas!

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Low Rolling Tyres

Unless you are a millionaire, you obviously find it difficult to maintain a car. Yet, this is one thing that is absolutely necessary and cannot be avoided. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you need your car to run your errands, meet with clients, go to school and perform many other necessary duties. Since having a car is expensive, and you can’t do without one, the next best thing to do is to look for ways in which you can reduce your car expenditure. One of these ways has to do with the selection of tyres; it has been proven that low rolling resistance tyres can save you reasonable amounts of gas bills.

What Are Low Rolling Resistance Tyres?

Low rolling resistance tyres are designed to reduce the actual part of the tyre that comes into contact with the road. This does not mean that these tyres are narrower than other types of tyres. Remember, a tyre loses its shape as it rolls on the road. The area volume of the tyre that connects with the ground varies according to the shape the tyre takes, tread patterns and rubber compounds used to manufacture the tyre and many other materials. The design of low rolling resistance tyres ensures that minimum possible contact is made with the road, and this reduces the resistance experienced by the tyre.

How Do Low Resistance Rolling Tyres Reduce Fuel Consumption?

There are many things that determine the fuel consumption of a car. Whether you are driving an SUV, a saloon or a truck, the factors that will determine how much fuel you use include size of the vehicle, shape, tyre size, the roll of the tyre, and many other factors. You cannot redesign the shape of the car you are driving, but you can choose the tyres to use. It is estimated that about 15% of the energy used to move a car forward is used to overcome the rolling resistance.
The load of the car is concentrated on the areas of the tyre that actually touch the road. These areas of contact are the ones that experience traction, friction and heat generation. All these are things that use energy, energy the car would have used to move forward. You can reduce the energy lost in this manner and use it instead to propel your vehicle forward. Using these tyres will improve your fuel economy, and you would notice a significant amount of drop in your fuel expenses.

How big are the Savings?

When low resistance tyres were first invented, they tended to be noisy and did not have good tractions. Things have changed over the years, however, and the tyres you can get these days are very silent and efficient. Just make sure you buy your tyres from reputable dealers, for example, from your local certified dealers or from Point-S, and your vehicle will experience low resistance covered with very good performance. The actual savings you make may be modest in the short term, but you are looking to make savings in the region of £60 or so every year. This is good considering that the price difference between standard tyres and low resistance rolling tyres is not that great.

About the Author
My name is James smith. Traveling and taking full throttle adventures in life has always been my stimulant. I like to write about my traveling experiences, tips and tricks on how to save money on your vehicle and the automotive industry in general.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the guest author and not of Ideal Engines & Gearboxes, the company holds no responsibility in any case.