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Ford’s family of hatchback gets heated with New Focus ST

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Ford’s family of hatchback gets heated with New Focus ST

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Ford Focus ST

Your comfort and safety always comes first to us

The new fast Ford is focused. The opinion Ford Focus enters its fourth generation after two decades of growth. Yes, it’s a big seller company that dominant in UK market, but unchangeable waddle into a middle-aged spread. Yes, 2011 -2018 focus is a good all-rounder, still, leadership when shifted off this mortal coil. But compared with a brilliant original from 1998 it was disciplined effort.

Ford says Focus MK4 has been designed to suggest memories of the original- but it claims the best focus the best car launched. The fourth generation of Ford’s middle-sized hatchback is the best car is ever designed developed and manufactured.

What’s the best hatchback in 2019?

Ford Focus ST Interior

Ford Focus ST Interior

The new Ford Focus is the best car. As well as the designer to driving dynamics of the first generation car, this is entire which is lighter, more efficient and packed with much safety kit that Ford says nothing it’s close to the market sector. This thing has big boots after the riotous Fiesta St, as compared to a huge army of the hot hatch but growing number of quick SUVs.

The Ford Focus ST offers no compromises, it’s just as much home at a track, on a twisty road or pottering around town. Both hatchback and estate body style available when it goes on sale in summer 2019.

Give me the engine specs

Technically, like the previous-gen Focus ST, there’s petrol and diesel offering. The petrol, which uses 2.3 litres ford EcoBoost four cylinders.

Ford Focus information

You need to know everything, are thinking of buying to find about big selling midsized hatchback. It’s all about information is available in a magazine.


The Ford Focus is the best seller in Britain and new MK3 focus is to continue that rave review. The extraordinary range of tech and engine including the latest downsized Ecoboost turbo.

60sec road test

This is one of the landmark cars of recent years: MK1 focus arrived in 1998 collapse memories of several generations of Ford in Europe. Since evolving through MK2To todayMK3, it has lost some of the time principally, because VW Golf has caught up in longer rivals dynamic. It is a good car to choose and can pick up from hatchback or estate body style. The ST hot Hatch model offers great performance on a budget.

In the new ST produces 276 bhp and 310 lb-ft driven by short speed manual or seven-speed auto at the front wheels. But performance   6sec 0-62 mph in race time, putting in cross chairs of the HYUNDAI i30, Renault Megane R.S 280 and Honda Civic Type R.

This isn’t at all as Ford has 187 bhp EcoBlue 2.0-litre Focus ST diesel engine. It has less torque than petrol at 295 lb-ft.

Ford says the petrol ST has the front wheel drive electric limited slip Ford says it much more precise and traditional mechanical one. The diesel without LSD using torque by braking instead.

Ford Focus ST Engine

Ford Focus ST Engine

An optional performance pack throw in few extra handling toys: rev matching for the petrol manual versions, adaptive dampers, a track mode for the mode selector, launch control and red brake callipers

An optional Performance Pack throws in a few extra handling toys: rev-matching for the petrol manual versions, adaptive dampers, and a Track mode for the mode selector, launch control and red brake callipers.

Any special ST interior bits?

Ford interior is very neatly and sporty touches. Chunky and huggy Recaro seats with grey stitching and thick bolsters are included as standard, plus a flat-bottomed steering wheel, chunky metal gearbox and metal pedals. Ford point of the Tech and safety kit you can add head up display, adaptive cruise and a segment first shifting steering in emergencies.

What else?

With being estate versions, Ford says it moved the exhaust tailpipes from the centre that preventing towing.

The performance Blue pictured, Ford hasn’t entirely ST become a hot hatch wallflower; Tangerian scream’ might be dead. The same orange shade is also offered on the new Mustang models.

When can I buy one?

Sales start in summer 2019 for all versions, the pricing has not been announced yet but a guess at the £26,000 mark.

The one we’d buy

1.0 EcoBoost

The one we’d avoid like the plague

2.0 TDCI

Rivals to consider

Audi A3, Honda Civic, Toyota Auris, VW Golf


The modern backbone of Britain, good to drive, vast choice, fun ST


It is not as vivid as the first-generation of Focus.