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Ford Focus RS Now Packed With A Four-Cylinder Engine

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Ford Focus RS Now Packed With A Four-Cylinder Engine

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2010 Ford Focus

When the comparison is made of Ford Focus and its respective class, then it ranks at the top due to power provided by the engine, greater value of fuel economy with better cargo space and impressive looks. All Focus RS models have same 2.3L four cylinder Ford engine. Many factors make the Ford Focus a top class vehicle. The Ford Focus engine mated with six speed automatic gearbox returns 27mpg of fuel economy in the city while on the motorway it gives 40mpg. This 4 cylinder 2.3L engine for Ford Focus gives an impressive output of 160 hp and 146 lb ft of torque. As a standard there is a five speed manual gearbox for Ford Focus, however there is an option of a six speed dual clutch auto.  Despite all this power and torque, the fuel economy of the Ford Focus RS is highly competitive.

The latest generation of the Ford Focus carries eternal benefits like eye-catching looks and interior is dressed up with high quality materials. This new advancement of technology delivers the comfort and refined riding, that’s why the new generation can easily be distinguished from prior ones.