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Ford C-Max Energi plug-in Hybrid

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Ford C-Max Energi plug-in Hybrid

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Ford C Max Energi 2013 Hybrid Back

Ford C-Max Energi plug-in Hybrid; Great Techs for


thrilling performance

Electric vehicle isn’t a thing for every auto enthusiast because of issues of handiness and driveability attached with; moreover, for all of the impending green and economic advantages, there is a series of concerns to sort out. Plug-in Hybrid unit is the most excellent way out of these issues and one can get full advantage of the electric setup as well. Ford is introducing the all new C-Max Energi, a plug-in Hybrid vehicle with an introductory basic warranty package of 36000 miles or three years. Powertrain is protected by a five year warranty while for the Hybrid package it has 100,000 miles or eight years warranty to satisfy Ford’s customer base.

The all new C-Max Energi Hybrid is the Prius of Ford but in its own style. The Energi is tested on different platforms but the EPA reports on fuel economy stated that the Ford C Max engine will be able to achieve an average economy of 44 mpg on petrol and will return 100 plus on combined petrol and Hybrid setup. The all new C-Max Energi is a five seater medium sized vehicle that suits a normal sized family. It is equipped with an Atkinson cycle 2.0 litre petrol engine which has four ports and capability of producing 148bhp. The engine is supported by an electric motor of 118bhp. This entire Hybrid package is mated with Ford’s unique and home built HF35 eCVT power-train. C-Max Energi has a larger battery pack than the conventional units; it has 1.8KWh lithium-ion battery against every 7.6 KWh motor which gives an extended mileage of up to 21 miles solely on the electric power and helps improve fuel economy , Energi takes power and fuel from two power inlets, electric plug at the front left fender and for petrol on the right rear.  During the battery charging process, electric circuit gives visual feedback by glowing the four quarter light rings. Ford has installed an extensive high-tech technology in the electric unit which can charge the battery pack even on 120Volts ordinary socket in just seven hours. If the charging point has 240volts dedicated connection, the charging time will be two and half times less. C-Max Energi has two driving modes, an electric only and a mix of electric and petrol engine units. Ford C-Max Energi has an automated mode selection system according to the driving conditions and efficiency but these modes can also be selected manually, from EV now to EV later or normal.