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How to Drive Safely During Corona Epidemic

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How to Drive Safely During Corona Epidemic

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Corona virus is no longer a tragedy effecting China. It has spread all over the world with deadly effects and there are now 1.5 million confirmed cases with over 90 thousand confirmed deaths. United Kingdom has 60 thousand confirmed cases with over 7 thousand confirmed deaths. Guidelines from the health services indicate that the only surefire way to stay safe is by practicing social distancing and staying home. Fair advice and it makes a lot of sense, but if you live in the real world then traveling is essential for many right reasons.

What if you are a front-line key worker and has to report to your job, pick up medicine or do the groceries for your kids and family. We have consulted the experts for you to ask what precautions can be taken to travel safely.

Here is what we have found out.

Do Not Visit Too Many Places

Health authorities have appealed to everyone to not to travel except when it is absolutely necessary and we should abide by that religiously. If you really have to go out then make sure that your trip does not consist unnecessary stops as more stops means you will contact more and more people and different surfaces and that means more chances of contracting virus. So stay put and try not to travel if it is not absolutely necessary.

Use Disposable Gloves when at Public Places.

Using a cash machine, filling up at petrol station or making simple payments seems ordinary thing to do but these places are hotbeds for cross contamination and germs can transfer to your hands and then to your system within no time. Be very careful when getting rid of the gloves too and do not use reusable gloves as they are even worse than bare hands since they accumulate germs all the time you wear them.

Less Passengers Means More Safety

Think about it. If its just you in the car then you are in control. You know where you have been and what you have touched and whether you have washed your hands afterwards. More passengers means you have no idea who has done what and you may have someone who has touched or been to some place that was contaminated with virus. So play safe, according to the experts try not to have more than one passenger who sit at the back seat to keep safe distance.

Keep Washing and Sanitizing Your Hands

This is the most common advice that is given by the experts and it make sense too. Even without us realizing, we touch many places, surfaces and people and once we get back into our car we end up contaminating the car surface as well. So, remember keep washing your hands for over 20 seconds with soup and use hand sanitizer frequently once you get back in your car.

Disinfect Your Car Frequently

There are many good reasons for doing that. Although Covid-19 is not an airborne virus and is mostly carried in droplets, still a lot of Air including some other foreign material goes through the system and mixing up with circulation system in the car and dash board is a common place that can have such residue. We our self can touch someone or something that we shouldn’t have and end up contaminating the car so make sure that you disinfect you car’s dashboard and high touch areas such as steering wheel, door handles and controls on dashboard etc.

Watch What You are Transporting

It is a fact that every time you put anything in your car, there is a chance that you are transporting Corona virus with it. Be it groceries or laundry or even medicine. Closing the door would cause virus to go airborne for a while and land on different places. So be very careful what you are carrying in your car and keep it minimal. Keep disinfecting your car every time you use it.

Cross Ventilate Through Windows

Between every ride try to cross ventilate through windows so you can blow away any potential airborne particles that carry any virus. Try to ventilate the air when in open areas with no people nearby so you only get fresh air to replace the air inside the car.

Wash the Interior with Soap and Disinfect Regularly

It is safer and better if you disinfect your car after washing it with soap as there is no other virus eliminator that works better than soap. Wash the interior regularly with soap and then disinfect it with wipes and keep it clean. Make sure if someone else is getting in your car than they have taken same precautions as you do

Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Updates

Covid-19 is a virus that produce different strains in different places and circumstances so it is important that we keep abreast with the latest developments in order to understand it and its effects. Keep an eye on updates from world health organization and NHS and your local health authority to learn about the latest developments.