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Car Engine One Step Closer to 1000 mph

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Car Engine One Step Closer to 1000 mph

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1000 mph Car Engine

Driving at high speed means about 150mph or maximum 200mph for most of us, but then come these high speed enthusiasts who want to cross 1000mph on a car. A team of British researchers is working to achieve just that. The power required to reach 1000mph on land would destroy most of the car engines. They are trying to support the engine with rocket power to touch 1000mph. The car engine is named Bloodhound SSC and is expected to give 80,000 hp and 27,500 pounds of thrust. The engine was tested for the first time yesterday and it successfully crossed the 30,000 hp milestone. It was tested for ten seconds at Cornwall Quay Airport and it was the largest rocket fired in 20 twenty years in the UK. Just to give you an idea, the world’s fastest car Buggati Veyron Sport has only 1200hp. According to the plan the car will reach 230mph speed with its jet fighter engine and then the rocket system will step in to propel the car to 1000mph. The guys involved  in the Bloodhound SSC project are hoping for it to accelerate upto 1050mph. Good luck guys!