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Call it BMW 7-Series M Model or M770i xDrive But Don’t Call It An M7

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Call it BMW 7-Series M Model or M770i xDrive But Don’t Call It An M7

BMW 7 Series M Model

M770i xDrive is the name being suggested for a new edition in the 7-Series by BMW’s storied M Division. When is it coming out? It is most likely to arrive in 2015 when the next-generation of BMW vehicles will be revealed. What is under the bonnet? A fuel efficient V-8 with its turbo chargers, producing 475 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.

The rumour has it that the next generation 7-Series with an M badge will have a carbon fiber roof, hood, trunk and ZF’s new nine speed automatic transmission. The styling is expected to evolve around the new 3 Series. The M770i xDrive will also get carbon ceramic breaks and lightweight sports seats. Most of the internal structure will be made of aluminum which in return will give a weight saving of 450 pounds over the current model.

Should BMW build an M version of its flagship 7 series? Should the Bavarians skip the idea of M770i xDrive and go for an all out performance M7?