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The C-Max wins Awards with Ford Diesel Engines

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The C-Max wins Awards with Ford Diesel Engines

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Ford C-MAX

The C-MAX MPV offers a range of 2.0-Litre diesel and even smaller diesel engines and it wins awards for performance

Ford is unconditionally one of the most successful automakers across the world with a colossal range of vehicles from smallest cars to largest trucks and tractors. Ford has a number of successful models in the history and one of them is its first launched Ford model T in the early twentieth century when the model set a report of achieving 15 million models sold till 1924. The record set with the aid of the model used to be massive and it was the time when there were several cars manufacturers available in the world and every 4th car was Ford model T.

Now around a century after that achievement, Ford remains to be flourishing with its range of models and is famous for its enormously flexible Ford diesel engines and unique models together with city cars, saloons, world famous Transit vans and luxurious company cars. They are the pioneers in prices and even the pioneers of the muscle cars where Ford Mustang continues to be praised across the globe.

The Focus C Max MPV

For the families, Ford C-Max is an unbeatable choice. It’s a sporty, dynamic and innovative MPV with a bunch of Ford’s admired 2.0-Litre diesel engines. Each engine comes in the C Max has an unusual power output from 100bhp to 160bhp. It offers something you wish to have for exclusive ride and fun.

The C Max 2.0 litre engines

The diesel engine range comprises the 1.6-Litre TDCi producing 93bhp, with the same displacement 1.6-Litre TDCi engine offers 113bhp. A similar TYDA diesel engine with 2.0-Litre TDCi offers 113bhp, from a UFDB engine. You simply would have 138bhp and it is a 2.0-Litre TDCi engine. Now here it comes the leader of the range, Ford C Max TXDB engine generates 163bhp and leads the power range.

Ford C Max! Award Winner MPV

It is only elegant and globally adored family car which is even bigger than its huge-sized competitors in features and agility. There are several Ford Engine codes used on this model class and the range topping engine comes with the engine code of TXDB. It has a great power output of 163 hp. With a luxurious interior finish, the C Max offers an impact of being an off roader whilst the interior has been thoroughly up-to-date after Ford’s policy of renewing all interiors at its best, even in the light commercial van, Ford Transit has a nice interior as of the Ford Fiesta or the Focus.

In 2011, unit line up, one of the vital car chosen by automobiles experts with amazing engines that present the pleasant riding experience and economy. The C Max has received that award and its diesel engines had been entitled the best price engines on the basis of fuel economy and performance. Ford C Max is a distinct family car with all the right boxes ticked on your wish list.