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Is Brand Everything To You? (Rethink About What Car You Want)

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Is Brand Everything To You? (Rethink About What Car You Want)

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Car Brands

  • Brand Credibility (Trust, authenticity)

  • Cars from Well-bred society

  • Class systems and buying habits

Current marketing strategies use some diplomacy with “brands” which returns reckless results, in order to sponge a brand expression. The name on the product is now often more imperative than the bits and pieces offered inside that package. Same is the case in our area of interest, I mean in automobile industry where you’ll get in line to buy an Audi, BMW, Merc or VW etc, even though their several products are not up to the mark of excellence, such as CLC, Polo, Q7 and X3 and ignored value with no pedigree. Isn’t it?

In today’s marketing school of thought, brand credibility is more significant than its practical usability or in other words, opposing to that trendy proverb, buyer is often mistaken or misguided. There are number of pedigree chumps who were not first-rate in the past but now they are performing actually very good and much better than most of the ‘well badged’ competitors. I am actually talking about KIA, Ceed and most importantly Hyundai, Skoda and Suzuki. Now they are performing actually superb, Hyundai has i10 and i30, Skoda Fabia is competing with VW Polo, and Suzuki Swift is much better with a strong competition with almost any other Supermini.

The best new production car is the most up-to-date Skoda Superb, likely on sale in the UK from September. I believe it may be the most admirable saloon presented by the whole Volkswagen group. Yet, even now, Skoda cars are blubber at in well-bred society. The Korean automobiles, bottom of the esteem pile, continue to have the same social cachet as well dressed while taking a coffee at Costa Coffee. That’s why all Daewoo vehicles are now described as Chevrolets with equivalent sales boost up in recent years.

UK car buyers have relatively different buying habits than buyers in the world, for the old ‘class system’ is still energetic and well in the motor trade, which is the reason that Chinese automakers can suffer in the UK and they must think twice before ploughing into the UK. This buying behaviour differences may defend domestic European makers and, more essential to keep out the first brandish of Chinese cars which will almost certainly be refused. Despite of everything, if we’re feeling a bit uncertain about driving Kia or Hyundai models then how will we take labels such as Brilliance, Cherry and Dongfeng?