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BMW Z8 With Cutting Edge Technologies And Classic Elegance

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BMW Z8 With Cutting Edge Technologies And Classic Elegance

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The BMW Z8 was the first vehicle that has continued its tradition even in the 21st century. Originally proposed as an idea car to commemorate 507’s 50th birthday, the Z8 was introduced into an inadequate invention due to very high-quality community answer. In growth of the fresh Roadster, the BMW designers had to visualise what the inventive 507 roadster would have moved forwards to, it would had certainly not completed innovation over 40 years ago. The conclusion of all of their hard work is a fashionable, but perpetual explanation of the well-known roadster of the 1950s, a car that is away from uncertainty, the wonderful mix of supremacy, sensuality, progressive expertise and characteristic sophistication.

The all new Z8 is utilising the platform of the next 5-series but has the aluminium sections. It has used different materials to bring the weight down to 1500 kgs that helps the Z8 to blister the pace. Even the basic model with the 3.0 litre BMW Z8 engine with the straight six cylinder is capable of producing 310bhp and does 0-60mph in only six seconds and gets the top speed of 155 mph. The all new 4.4 litre turbo V8 engine, capable of producing 410bhp is also introduced along with a 5.0 litre V10 engine that is already in action and can produce the 515bhp exclusively but the flagship engine is 6.3 litre turbocharged V12 that can produce the massive 610bhp and boost the package on the road with massive speed and reach from 0-62 mph in just under five seconds. The seven speeds F1 style semi automatic gearbox potion is also included in the Z8. The Z8 has a modern Active Steering System, adaptive suspension system and speed activated pop-up boot spoiler and it is going to be a technological showcase in itself by the BMW engineers and designers. The electric folding roof and the photo chromatic glass panels give the drivers control how much light comes into the cabin.