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BMW M3 Engine Codes Explained

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BMW M3 Engine Codes Explained

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BMW M3 Codes

BMW M3 was fabricated to delight and satisfy the racing enthusiasts of BMW, BMW M3 came in two versions, a light weight and a standard M3 sport Coupe vehicle. The lightweight version was at least 200 pounds lighter than M3 sports standard version. These M3 sport versions were fitted with track suspensions, aluminium doors and bunch of powerful engines. These engines were based on S Series of BMW engine line-up. there were four different engines were used to power the M3 sport Coupe and Cabriolet versions.

Engine Type No. Of Cylinders Engine size Power (HP) No. Of Valves
S14B23 4 2.3 192 16
S50B30 6 3.0 282 24 VaNos
S52B32 6 3.2 240 24 VaNos
S54B32 6 3.2 333 24 VaNos

VANOS is a system that changes the valves timing by stirring the pose of the camshafts in accordance with the drive gear. The virtual timing among inlet and exhaust valves is altered.