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BMW has i3 Quality Concerns

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BMW has i3 Quality Concerns

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BMW i3 Electric Car

The i3 hasn’t received good reviews of its safety features and has been given low European safety test ratings.

Despite of a gigantic and luxurious promotion crusade, BMW’s new electric tiny city car is not driving up the scales of sales, not adding the reported $2 billion cost of developing the i3. According to the verdicts from automobile experts, BMW is concerned about the new technology used in the i3, and is intentionally keeping its production slow until it is convinced and confident that the i3 won’t be humiliated by a recall which may come from malfunctions in the new technology. The i3 hasn’t received good reviews of its safety features and has been given low European safety test ratings.

In a safety examination in November, the i3 performed inadequately in perambulator pedestrian protection and safety assistance systems and scored only four out of a possible five stars. Even inexpensive new models in Europe now often score five out of five in the Euro-NCAP tests. BMW is still anxious about the accomplishment of this innovative vehicle. It is built from carbon fibre and powered from an electric battery. Its production started at the Leipzig factory and just over 400 new BMW i3s were sold in entire Western Europe in November.

“That’s a measly small part of previously compromised prospects of some devoted electric car market observers,”

said Peter Schmidt an AID editor. Schmidt further added that the total registrations for the i3 models have reached 801 by the end of November but these vehicles were meant for press fleets and dealers. Only 121 i3 units were sold in Germany since 16th of November when it was made available for sales till end of the month. However, BMW claims that they have 10,000 orders for this innovative EV i3. They are not sure about the reliability of these orders that whether they are from dealers or from actual customers.