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BMW i3 Finally Unveiled

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BMW i3 Finally Unveiled

BMW i3

BMW i3 Finally Unveiled That Everyone Was Most Curious About For a Long Time

BMW i3 has the greatest engineering under the bonnet where an all new hybrid synchronous electric motor is

empowering the car exclusively. The hybrid technology is very innovative and has the output of 125KW that is equal to 170 horse power and gives the great pulling power of 184 pound feet of torque on rear wheel drive. It transfers the power on the wheels in the fraction of time when you push the accelerator on single speed automatic transmission. It has a good acceleration on the road and approaches the benchmark speed of 0-62 miles per hour in a determined 7.2 seconds and gives the top speed of 93 miles per hour. It has a great speed and time ratios on the road where it takes the 3.5 seconds sprint time to reach in 30mph and seven seconds to get the 60mph however it takes only 4.9 seconds to go from 50mph to 70mph on the road. The lithium-ion battery has very strong response on the road and takes only 0.13 KWh for per mile of driving. It has the capacity of storing the 22KWh of energy that gives 80 to 90 miles per day with a single battery charging. If you put it into the ECO PRO mode then the i3 makes it finer with 90 to 113 miles and ECO Pro+ Mode makes it better for 105 to 123 miles per charging cycle. On a super charging station the i3 takes less than 30 minutes to fully charged and if you want to use the domestic socket than it will take about 3 hours to fully charge. It has a great economical twin-cylinder engine with 650 cc gasoline based to help out the electric motor. It has 25KW or 34 Hp of power to range the 180 miles extra distance with the charging.