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BMW 318 Retains The ‘King Of The Coupe’ Crown

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BMW 318 Retains The ‘King Of The Coupe’ Crown

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BMW 318i Petrol

The BMW 3 Series Coupe is more appealing to the heart than the head. It blends sleek lines and lively driving dynamics with four-seater practicality. It has low running costs too which has made the 3 Series a zero-compromise choice for many years. BMW gave the 3 Series a mid-life refresh last year which bolstered its appeal. It now boasts sharper looks, more powerful BMW 3 Series Engine and extra kit as standard. All of these factors have cemented its place at the top of the sector. If Mercedes wants this crown, it must beat BMW 3 Series the ‘King of Coupes’.

The BMW 318i looks more of a low-slung two-door saloon than an awe inspiring coupe in the shape of Peugeot’s RCZ or the Audi TT. It has an attractive styled dash, solid finish and top-notch materials. The BMW 318 engine is naturally aspirated 2.0 litre delivering 141bhp and 190Nm and goes from 0-60mph in 9.0 seconds. The engine for BMW 318 is also environmentally friendly with CO2 emissions of 146g/km which make it a very economical company car choice. An added factor is its stylish looks and up market cabin which make the BMW 318 engine a worthy crown bearer.