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BMW 316d combines style with performance

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BMW 316d combines style with performance

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BMW 316D

The chassis of the car keeps it agile and ride quality is relaxing

Placed at the very start of 3 series this BMW has the lowest price in the range. Being cheaper is not taken to be its drawback. The vehicle is designed well and loaded well with the special features this brand offers. One area where 3 series excel is its excellent handling.

The exterior is amazing with the great BMW styling. The vehicle fits the need of a family car pretty well and many use it as a cab also. There are many more places this one is seen with its magnificent personality. The interior is going to be a comfortable place to be in.

There are high-quality materials used inside and not in any area the vehicle is deprived of excellence. 3 series incline the driver. It favours the driver more with the extreme driving fun offered. The handling is superb above everything else.

Once inside, there is going to be a whole new exposure to the driving experience. The engine works pretty well not letting the occupiers feel that it is a diesel engine. Replacement BMW 316d engines for sale lets the owner enjoy driving it for a longer period without any worries at hand.

Engine at its best

The engine of this vehicle is a 2.0-litre turbo diesel. It produces 114 bhp with 260 Nm torque. The engine may seem to be less in its on-paper credentials but it is not like that when you drive it. There is plenty of driving fun present which the driver, as well as other occupiers, enjoy collectively.

The best thing about this diesel engine is that it remains light on the pocket which means one does not have to restrict the plans. Cover any distance and it will remain economical. So, your day to day and highway drives both remain affordable. There is a six-speed automatic transmission offered as standard and an eight-speed automatic comes as an option.

The engine very well adopts to manual while the automatic transmission adds relaxation for your journey. Both the transmissions work very well. There is 64.2 mpg fuel economy when you choose the manual transmission. BMW 316d reconditioned engines are reliable and fit for the replacement of a troubling engine.

Handling is the crown of 3 series

What makes this car special along with other 3 series cars. The driver is time engaged due to the excellent driving ability of this vehicle. There is always something new in its moves that never let the driver get bored. There are three modes to select from to allow the driver to adjust the vehicle as per need.

The Eco Pro and Comfort mode keeps the controls smooth so that the cabin comfort is not at stake. The Sport mode is for those who want a fast drive with quicker responses and sharp controls. The overall comfort level of this vehicle is fine although it can be a bit form sometimes this does not mean that the cabin is going to get rough.

With everything else, the comfort of the passengers is a priority. Second hand BNW engines for sale keep your mind at rest and it is the best solution when the present engine is down. The vehicle has a really good balance and a proper weight to keep the vehicle in place while on a twisty road. The size of the car is reduced while driving giving it quicker moves with the accurate placing.

A roomy interior

BMW 316d is a roomy car. It is wide and long and fits well in the mid-size range. The boot space is also good enough. There are cloth seats as standard however, leather seats are also offered as an option. There are 17 inches tires, lights and wipers are automatic, parking sensors, cruise control, Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control and the leather steering with infotainment buttons all comes as standard.

All this is offered in this entry-level car of 3 series. Getting a comfortable place to drive is not an issue with adjustments present for the seat. There is an appropriate height at which the driver sits so that the outer vision remains clear and accessing different functions is also possible without any extra effort.

Safety is also offered

With all the other useful attributes, safety is another well thought of in the car. There are airbags for the driver and other passengers. Also, there are different warning systems for pedestrians, speed assist, lane assist and cyclist warning. The vehicle is awarded five stars for safety.

Once on the road, the vehicle is going to be safe for the occupants as well as others on road. The system also warns if the seat belts are not in place when seats are being used. In every way, the vehicle is a complete package. This is an all in all car to give the user an experience of what a BMW is all about. There is no area in the car which is not attended. Although in a limited way but nothing is missing in the vehicle. The vehicle is good to drive, handle, ride and enjoy on the course of the journey.