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BMW 3 Series Is Dominating the Compact Executive Sector

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BMW 3 Series Is Dominating the Compact Executive Sector

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BMW 3 Series Executive Saloon

The BMW 3 Series has been ruling the executive sector since its birth in 1975 and now is in its sixth generation. However, the recent modifications in the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class had weakened its grip on the sector. As a result, BMW has upped its game with more quality and reliability. Now it is better built, has bigger interior and is significantly refined than ever. It has been fitted with the range of punchy and perky power units inspired by diesel and petrol fuels. It has won the 2012 best compact executive car award given by Auto Express. It doesn’t let down as BMW 3 series is a sleek saloon as well as a practical touring estate. BMW has also introduced its most intelligent all wheel technology called the xDRIVE. This xDRIVE system will be a direct rival to the famous Quattro models of Audi.

Concept for the new 3 Series coupe has already been revealed but it will be renamed as the new 4 Series. The rear wheel chassis feels more reliable with rear wheel driving and you get immense grip with a balanced and direct steering. It has very low noise levels if we compare it with the previous versions. All BMW models have drive performance control, that offers the driver to choose from comfort, sport and sport+ modes. Every configuration has different settings for steering, throttle and ESP to suit road conditions. Optional adaptive drive damping and sport steering deliver inspiringly swift drive. BMW 3 Series engine line up starts from four to six cylinder configurations with the flagship engines managing 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. It is economical too as it gives 35.8mpg.  All models in the range come equipped with six speed manual gearbox as standard, however an eight speed automatic is optional. BMW 3 Series is still the king of executive saloons and will stay like that for some time to come.