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Audi Q8 Planned! Could We Go Bigger Than Q7

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Audi Q8 Planned! Could We Go Bigger Than Q7

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Audi Q8 Concept

Audi is looking to invade the world of SUVs and luxurious automotives, although they have sky-high sales targets but you can’t imagine the actual sales of Audi, the vehicles in its current line-up sell very well but some have not even arrived yet. The case under consideration is the rumour about Audi Q8, a large sized SUV to set some serious competition.  At Shanghai Motor Show 2013 the spokesperson of Audi hinted that the Q8 will be the rival for the Range Rover Sport….

Audi wants to allow inter-brand competition to grow with more focus on the quality and luxurious style. Audi also revealed that if the product is good, the customer feedback is positive and the finances add up, Audi are always happy to go ahead. They are expecting a good SUV from the Bentley’s platform to see how hard the competition would be?

There is a lot of potential in SUV sector that is yet untapped, Audi is looking to replicate the unexpected success of the BMW X6 and the Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport. There are almost endless possibilities to position the Q8 in the market segment. We expect only V6 and the V8 engines to be offered in the Q8 but the most likely chances are for the 3.0litre v6 supercharged gasoline engine in the multiple powers along with the turbocharged 3.0litre V6 diesel engine. The turbocharged V8 with 4.0 litre gasoline would be used for the high performance with the SQ8 and SR8 variations. The power terrains for the Q8 should be quick to handle the bulk of power. The power will be transmitted through a ZF-source eight speed automatic gear box. The Audi’s seven speed dual clutch transmission is less likely because of its limited capabilities can drag down the Q8’s abilities.

Now it will be interesting to see how Audi Q8 beats the off road capabilities of the Range Rover if it is to get a good market share.