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Audi Q7 Is Now Equipped With Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System

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Audi Q7 Is Now Equipped With Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System

Audi Q7

Yesterday Audi announced new Q7 concept SUV that feats a new 3D Audio system which is
powered by the Bang & Olufsen and consists of 24 speakers and 24-channel, 1,800 watts amp. Once you get inside this new Q7, all that comes to mind is ‘Awe-inspiring’. As most of Bang & Olufsen equipped vehicles sound superb with 2D mode, but this 3D mode is remarkably in a class of its own. As the soundstage gets higher and higher, a new world seems to unveil, it’s more like curtains raising up and revealing every single bit of detail that has been hidden otherwise. Bang & Olufsen calls this effect ‘adding emotion to the music’.

All thanks to Bang & Olufsen and The Fraunhofer Institute – a German organization and the inventor of MP3 and AAC audio formats – this new 3D audio technology is embedded into new Audis. An algorithm on which The Fraunhofer Institute been working for years, has been programmed into system’s DSP. It will distribute the sound to different channels after analysing them thoroughly. To make it happen, Bang & Olufsen provided this Q7 with 24 speakers and one marvellous 24-channel, 1,800 watt amplifier.