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Audi is planning to introduce an Electric-Diesel Supercar

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Audi is planning to introduce an Electric-Diesel Supercar

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Audi R8 Diesel Electric car

Audi announced that Electric-diesel super car was an interesting idea but not a priority however Audi seriously needs to develop a new modern supercar

Couple of years ago, around 2012 rumours churned that Audi was effectively developing a production version for the R8 concept with V12 TDI engine compartment that it subsequently disclose at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008. Since then this model was facing capricious and waving conditions and several times it ran out of figures and so on. Now at the Detroit Auto Show 2014, our experts again raise a question on this version with the technical chief of Audi. It was an act of melting the ice and when he answered the question, it was the out of the universe answer. He announced that such a model to be called R20 was put to rest previously was an interesting idea but not a priority. Even though this model is not on the priority but Audi seriously needs to develop a new modern supercar.

As the R8 is opening to acquire a humble crumpled and a new cohort of R8 likely wouldn’t hold a candle to all of the newly launched hybrid supercars. if truth be told, BMW at the end of the day determined to release the i8 after years of waving ideas and development, and we’re sure that Audi will also soon go after its steps.

Now it’s factual that Audi is also making plans to develop the R8 e-tron , which has also seen its fair share of waving time in past, so perhaps starting again the all new R8 e-tron discussions at Audi centre of operations glimmers the descend of the diesel-electric supercar in the near future.

Hackenberg also believed that as an alternative of the diesel-electric supercar, centre of attention for Audi will on just beginning a sub 2,200 pound version of the potential TT in near future. This vehicle will likely be ultra-modern and execute glowing performance, but it certainly won’t make happy the yearning of supercar enthusiasts. Audi exposed the R8 V12 TDI Concept several years back in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show. It was the first time when a 12-cylinder diesel engine was used in a high performance, road going sports car made by Audi. This engine was exclusively reserved for the racing versions of Audi cars and especially for the Le Mans prototypes. It is capable of developing almost 500 HP and 737 Lb-Ft of torque and swift sprint time of 4.2 seconds from zero to 62 miles per hour with a good topping of 186 miles per hour.