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Audi A4 Check Engine Light On, How to Reset It?

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Audi A4 Check Engine Light On, How to Reset It?

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There are many Audi A4 owners who ask about resetting the check engine light of Audi A4, when it turns on. If you look at the owner’s manual it advises to go to the Audi service and get it checked out.  That means if you want to know what has gone wrong it will cost you some ££s plus time and hassle of taking your car to the dealer. It is worth going through all this pain if there is actually a big problem with your Audi A4 engine. The cars, now a days have many sensors fitted in them all over the place and same is the case with the A4, therefore anything can cause to turn the Audi A4 engine management light on. Sometimes, the car drives fine but still the engine check light stays on. The best thing to do is invest in a diagnostic tool like Vagcom or any generic scanner.  This would help in determining what is wrong with the engine by tell you the error code. There are hundreds of Audi A4 check engine light codes each for a different error. Most of the times the scanners have their internal dictionary that will tell you the meaning of the error code, if not a simple internet search can reveal what the code is about. Audi A4 check engine light reset can also be performed by simply disconnecting the battery cables and the waiting for about a minute for system to completely shut down and the memory to be erased. Connect the cables and switch on your Audi A4 engine, the light should have been gone, same is the procedure for resetting the Audi A4 engine oil light.

If this doesn’t work connect the diagnostic tool to your car’s computer, it will retrieve the code and will allow you to tweak the settings of the your car. The error ‘cell’ cab ne reset. If there is nothing wrong with the engine, you wouldn’t have  Audi A4 blinking check engine light again. But if it comes back on again, you better get it checked by a professional. There could be a problem that if ignored, might lead to requiring the replacement of whole engine. If it has already come to that we can help and offer you cheap replacement Audi A4 engine of good quality and low mileage.

The above procedure should not be considered as an alternative for a professional check up, after all the check engine light is there to indicate that something is wrong somewhere and it can mean a serious issue with your car and we will not be held responsible for any damage occurred as a result of using this information.